What Percentage of Americans Will Willingly Take the Coming Bill Gates' Deadly Vaccine? (Dave Hodges)

The following article, by Dave Hodges of TheCommonSenseShow.com, provides a persuasive, albeit depressing, analysis of how many people might be persuaded to take the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine.

Based on classic experiments and lessons of history that demonstrated how many people (or in one case, dogs) will submit to physical harm or death if sufficiently pressured, controlled, and made to feel hopeless, the article concludes that:

Therefore, we are left with a question: What percentage of the population will roll up their sleeves and accept the coming mandatory vaccine? Answer: At least 3 in 5 people willingly participate in their planned demise by rolling up their sleeves when ordered to do so. It is more likely that 80% will comply and the rest of the "deplorables" can be sent to Hillary's "fun camps". .

What Percentage of Americans Will Willingly Take the Coming Bill Gates’ Deadly Vaccine?

But some of this is in our control, to the extent that we can improve our own awareness and the awareness of those around us.

Vive la résistance!


Dave is ALWAYS depressing, but I still watch his postings as a matter of course!! My P. Care Physician already KNOWS not to ask me if I want any of the shots!! :wink: This Social Distancing is SO stupid!!!f Yest. I ran into a friend in the P.O. & I said, “Are you afraid to give me a hug?!” He hesitated for a moment & then gave me a Big 'ol Hug!!! :smile:

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I am in good health and I also follow a serious health regimen as well as a COVID-19(84)™ prophylaxis regimen. I do not wear a mask. I don’t wear a mask for many reasons. One, much of what I have read says its pretty pointless unless you have an N-95 mask and I don’t. I take care not to touch my face, especially my eyes, unless I am at home and have very clean hands.

But I don’t wear a mask because I see almost everyone here in Dallas wearing a mask and I do not like what that “says” to me and so I don’t want to say the same thing back to others.

Today, at Trader Joe’s, there was a short line (it’s usually in place and it rarely takes more than 5 or so minutes to get in). In front of me was a lady who, as two people tried to pass by her in the narrow passageway where the line was, she stopped them and told them to go around.

Inside the store, I was the only one without a mask. One time this same lady came near me. At the moment she seemed to focus her attention on me, she turned and walked to the nearest employee and I could see the employee then look at me and then I could hear the employee inform her that masks were not mandatory and he couldn’t make me wear a mask.

I get the lady doesn’t understand that my wearing a mask doesn’t change the odds she (or anyone else) gets COVID-19(84)™. But her (in my opinion, foolish) “comfort” doesn’t, to me, justify the negative impact of the signal I give by bowing to the masters who are using this “event” for all sorts of nefarious means, one of them being to increase the psychological warfare impact on “the people.”

And that is why I don’t wear a mask.

Bill Maher, who normally I can’t stand, came up with the greatest line recently - “What’s the point of life if you can’t live it?”

I express that point by not wearing a mask. I guess it helps I have zero fear of transition.

awesome !!

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Enjoyed hearing your Dallas tale, Chester!! How much longer can they keep us prisoners in our own country before people start catching on…or have they trained us so well, some will NEVER catch on!!! :blush:

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That’s why I strive to work on my own self-responsibility. My hope is that enough of us do that, a critical mass is reached and the prison paradigm crumbles.

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