What the hell is Trump really up to?

Somewhere in my web wanderings today, I came upon the following piece, from November of 2019, that explains what Trump is up to, better than anything else I’ve seen.

If you’re sympathetic to the “Orange Man Bad” crowd, and prefer to stay that way, Do Not Read the following … or at the very least (which should be rather easy) Do Not Understand the following.


At least the Common Man here in the U.S. finally feels someone is on their “side”!! There is a Bigger Picture, which I, personally, cannot claim to know…

At this point in time, it seems the man with his finger on the pulse of what is going on here on this planet is Cyrus A. Parsa!! He’s going around like an O.T. Prophet trying to warn us all that A.I. is about to take over the Human Race…who knows, maybe it already has!! We Normies certainly wouldn’t know!!!