Why there haven't been mass arrests yet

Why no arrests ?!?

Folks like me, who have been following Q for a long time, know that many of us Q followers, and even more of the Q doubters, point out the lack of major arrests of several well known Deep State traitors as evidence that this whole operation is really going nowhere, or at least not going where we would want.

Why is this? Is Trump really still on track to kick some serious Deep State butt?

Yes, he is.

But first we have to understand where we’re at, and what needs to be done.

How to start a war.

Anytime a President takes us to major war against an enemy, he first has to convince the people that the enemy is an evil threat to our nation. This must be done in a dramatic fashion, that riles up the people. On the emotional tidal wave of that mass hatred, war can begin.

Throughout history, this has almost always been done the same way.

You convince the enemy to attack you first (e.g. Pearl Harbor) or you attack yourself (or fake such) and blame it on the enemy. These are the “infamous” forced attacks or false flags of our national story, that have started most wars, such as:

  • the attack on Fort Sumter in 1861, to start the Civil War
  • sinking the Maine battleship in 1898, to start the Spanish American War
  • sinking the Lusitania in 1915, to motivate the U.S. entry into World War I
  • the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, to motivate the U.S. entry into World War II
  • the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, to motivate the major portion of the Vietnam War
  • the events of 9/11 in 2001, to kick off the “War on Terror”

These “forced or false flag” war motivators were carried out, in part, by a main stream news media that was complaint with the powerful people and groups who were pushing for those wars.

Trump has a rather different set of problems.

Just arresting five or ten well known names [1] won’t solve the problem. A deep state entrenched in all branches of our government, for generations or decades, easily survives the loss of a handful of individuals.

The main stream news media, and the recently empowered social media, are totally NOT on the side of supporting such a false flag. They are with the deep state, not for a war to destroy them.

There are no easily drawn “us versus them” lines on some world map. The “enemy” is deeply entangled within our midst, and has the sympathetic support of many ordinary people.

In other words, the enemy this time is not a brutal home invader needing to be shot. It’s a Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer, and what’s worse, our “Doctor” (the news media) who should be warning us of it and discussing treatment options, is rather himself controlled by that cancer, lying to us so that we continue not to notice it or worry about it.

The deep state is not just in our government. It’s also controlling our main stream news media, our major social media, many colleges and universities, and major corporations in several areas.

The deep state has long included the CIA, and now also includes the thoroughly corrupted FBI and DOJ.

What Trump has to do.

He has to get the deep state to commit a crime against the people of the nation that effects them personally and that outrages them, a crime so obvious that even the main stream news and social media cannot downplay or disguise it.

There has to be simple ways to identify, in the public’s understanding, who are responsible for this crime.

The individuals and organizations so identified as responsible must be a serious portion of the deep state, so that the deep state, the “enemy”, will suffer a major setback if they lose this “war”.

As when treating a serious cancer, a long healing process must follow.

How’s Trump doing?

It would seem that the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is the chosen crime scene, and that the Deep State’s effort to steal that election is the crime.

To Trump’s advantage, his unexpected strong showing and turnout forced the election thieves to get sloppy, in the hours and days after the election, making up the hundreds of thousands of votes they needed to overcome their deficit. The crime has become even bigger and uglier than its deep state perpetrators intended.

The public shock that will justify major attacks (arrests of individuals and rechartering of departments and agencies) will not come at the same time for all. Those who voted for Trump are already shocked that “they” are stealing the election. Those who voted for Biden will be shocked when Trump wins anyway.

Those to be marked as the “enemy” will be those who took major actions to carry out the steal, including:

  • those taking Chinese bribes to help steal the election,
  • those taking bribes to push Dominion voting machines into their states,
  • those (DOJ and FBI) covering up Anthony Weiner’s and Hunter Biden’s laptops,
  • those (DOJ and FBI) covering up Hillary’s email server,
  • those (CIA) operating the election stealing servers in Germany, and
  • the major news and social media sites who have been lying to us all along.

After the above people and institutions have been suitably prosecuted and rechartered, then the energy of public rage can be focused in useful directions, to unite in the common purpose of improving our elections and rebuilding America.

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[1] A few arrest candidates that come to my mind: Huma Abedin, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, John Brennan, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Anthony Fauci, Michael Hayden, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Nancy Pelosi, Susan Rice, John Roberts, Peter Schiff, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Peter Strzok, Anthony Weiner, Andrew Weissmann, and Sally Yates.


As usual…you put it all quite well!!! :smiley: