Why Trump is pro-Vaxx

Having just listened yesterday to Professor Matthias Desmet explain his mass formation psychosis theory, which has gone viral with Dr Robert Malone’s mention of it on his own massively viral interview with Joe Rogan, it became clearer to me why Trump continues to promote the Covid vaccines.

The tl;dr: version:

Trump is a negotiator, a fighter, not a truth seeker.

He would gain no leverage, and would lose leverage with some now, by shifting from his vaccine narrative. So he non-confrontationally continues to repeat the same vaccine narrative he’s been taking for a long time now, that served a critical purpose early on.

That early purpose was to force the Deep State to unleash the vaccine “before its time.”

The long version:

Let us first frame these “Wars” in a larger historical context.

Back in the first half of the 1900’s we had:

  • The deep state Banksters set up another national bank in the United States, creating the Federal Reserve and federal income tax in 1913, thus laying the foundation for making the US Dollar the world’s reserve currency, over 30 years later.
  • A regional war in Europe that we now call “World War I” brought in American troops to fight abroad in a big way for the first time.
  • A decade of economic prosperity (the “Roaring Twenties”) followed by the Wall Street crash of 1929 and a decade of economic stagnation (the “Great Depression”).
  • An actual world-wide war, against the Axis nations of Germany, Italy and Japan, with the attack on Pearl Harbor bringing in the United States.
  • A major reset of the world monetary system, as defined at Bretton Woods, and of the world’s political organization under the United Nations, with headquarters in Bankster New York City, on property donated by the Rockefellers. Before 1913, the British Pound was the dominant world currency, backed by the British Navy. After 1945, the US Dollar was the dominant world currency, backed by the American military.

Now, some eighty year later we have:

  • The Bush (as VP under Reagan and as President) and Clinton administrations deeply compromising the “Health” and “Justice” agencies, amongst others, of the United States federal government with loyal “leftists”, thus laying the foundation for enslaving and vaccinating humanity, over 30 years later.
  • A regional “War on Terror”, mostly fought in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.
  • Overlapping this War on Terror, nearly a decade of “normal” economic health (2001-2008) followed by the Great Recession and banking crisis of 2008, and a decade of slowed economic growth (masked by a Federal Reserve funded stock market rise and real estate price boom) in the West, along with the continued growth of the Deep State’s new base in China.
  • An actual world-wide war, against “Covid”, brought on by the “escape of a deadly mutant virus from a wet market in Wuhan, China”.
  • A likely upcoming reset of the world monetary system, and for the biological enslavement of humanity. The globalists intend for a globalist “blockchain based” central bank digital currency system to replace the US Dollar. They intend to kill off many of us, and turn the rest into soulless robots.

The deep state script of the earlier 1900’s is being replayed out again, eighty years later, with changes in the details.

The world-wide threat (actually funded by the Banksters) threat of Nazi’s and Japanese Imperialists in the 1940’s has been replaced by the world-wide threat (also actually funded by the Banksters) of Covid. They are now trying to shift the major front of this world war from the mostly defeated first rounds of the “deadly covid virus” to the next round, the next front, of the even more virulent Omicron strain.

The Allied powers did not unleash their “Ultimate Weapon”, the atomic bomb, until after they had effectively already won World War II. This served to crush the spirit of their chosen national enemies. Not only did the Axis powers lose, they lost against an enemy that didn’t even have to use its Ultimate Weapon to ensure the victory.

But this time other forces are present.

Some other forces got Trump elected in 2016 when he defeated globalist Hillary Clinton, and have amassed major support of “Patriots” in America’s “fly-over” country. These forces have a very different plan for the upcoming monetary and world-wide political structure, that supports independent nations, cooperating but each representing the interests of their own people. Trump and Putin each put the interests of their respective nations America and Russia first.

The second round of major war in this multi-decade plan, the War on Covid, was baked in the cake, with decades of funding, research, patents, infiltration, and planning now well documented, prior to Trump becoming US President in January of 2017.

Unfortunately most people of the world did not realize that they were once again at war with tyrants who have been working for centuries, if not millenia, to enslave humanity. The Deep State bureaucracy, intelligence, military, tracking in drugs, arms, and humans, main stream news and social media control, financial and monetary markets, judicial, election, and legislative, academia, … were all well and deeply, methodically and covertly, corrupted.

This final war between the Deep State and humanity has another distinction.

Not only did humanity not realize it was at war, but also it was not a war between opposing nations/regions, but rather a war between humans and “a virus”.

When the Deep State wants to extend its empire over other nations or regions, it sets up overt wars between nations to accomplish this. But when the Deep State wants to extend its empire over the entirety of humanity, it needs a non-human enemy as the opponent. Covid was, and is, that enemy.

Getting our heads into the fight

The first thing that one must do when in a fight is to realize one is in a fight, and who one is fighting.

We humans are not in a fight against a virus.

We are in a fight for our lives, our freedom, our spirit, and our civilization against whatever (human?) powers lay behind the Deep State.

Trump’s main mission, in his four years in office, was to awaken as many as he could to this war, that humanity is at war against an enemy that has spent centuries, if not millenia, preparing for this day. The Deep State intended for this Final War to remain covert; it’s easier to win a war against an enemy that doesn’t realize it’s being attacked. Trump blew their cover.

No one ordinary human can drain a swamp as deep as that in the District of Columbia, and parts world-wide. Few can even arouse an army to fight such a beast. Trump was the front man for those few, those whom Clif High calls the Self Organizing Collective, the SOC, and whom I call here “Patriots”.

For three years, Trump served as a lightning rod, attracting bolt after bolt from the thunder clouds, as more and more of us realized the power and dark nature within those clouds.

Then for the final year of his term, Trump energized and (apparently) substantially accelerated the roll out of the climatic campaign of this war against humanity, the war against the virulent, shape shifting, virus. The evil bastards continue to dramatize the apparent enemy of humanity, the virus in its ever shifting and dangerous disguises, in order that we don’t notice that they, the evil bastards, are the real enemy of humanity.

Now we are engaged in a great war for humanity, testing whether this civilization, or any civilization so conceived and so inspired, can long endure. (apologies to Abraham Lincoln for misquoting him)

The Deep State preferred to continue this Final War against a free and spiritually connected humanity hidden from view. They wanted to be at war with a humanity that didn’t realize they were at war in a fight for their very lives, civilization, and spirit. It’s a lot easier to win a fight against an opponent that doesn’t know they are in a fight, and doesn’t know the full scope, breadth and strength of their enemy.

To awaken some of humanity to the real war against them, Trump accelerated the use of the Ultimate Weapon of this current war, the vaccines, with Operation Warp Speed.

We now have perhaps a third of humanity well aware of the threats facing them, of tyranny, death, internment, disablement and enslavement. These I call here the “Patriots.”

We have perhaps another third thoroughly cowed (herded) into fear of this weapon, striving to do whatever their elite “experts” tell them to do, and obsessively wearing their masks in public, and even in private, as a badge of unity. This is the mass psychosis that Professor Matthias Desmet (linked in my opening paragraph above) speaks of.

We are fighting for terrain. In this case the terrain is the hearts, minds and souls of the “middle third”, those who aren’t yet fully aware that we are at war, but who might realize this, if the opportunity came along.

Trump doesn’t need to worry about the Patriot third - he could turn into a blithering idiot tomorrow morning, and we Patriots would just write him off and carry on.

Trump need not waste much energy on the mask and vaxx worshipping Karens - they remain a lost cause for now.

If Trump joins the doctors, lawyers, (banned from Youtube) bloggers, mothers, truckers, and others adamantly speaking out against the vaccines, he confuses that narrative and sucks energy away from them. Trump is not our doctor, not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow.

So it is best that Trump just sail quietly off into the sunset on this topic, repeating from memory the same Warp Speed narrative that he’s held for over a year now. He can smile with gentle amusement when the Patriot crowd boos him, and continue to present little ammunition to the Deep State media to attack him for saying something different or controversial on this topic. He is now no longer either the General nor the Foot Soldier on that battle field.

Trump played a critical role, earlier on, in forcing that covid/vaccine battle to erupt into the public consciousness early on, forcing the Deep State to unleash their vaccine bio-weapon of mass destruction early, and hence unleash the other attacks they leveraged off the covid/vaccine battle initiative. The vaccines have a time sensitive fuse - once unleashed, like a grenade, they must be used before they explode in one’s own hand. That was what brought this war between the Deep State and humanity to the consciousness of the Patriots who now fully realize the war we are in.

Trump is still our Commander in Chief, in the hearts and minds of many. He is now no longer our Doctor in Chief, or the Commander thereof. That’s fine; that’s the best way for now.

He can, and might soon, take a stronger stand against vaccine mandates, without having to openly change his prior support for Operation Warp Speed.

Very well put, thanks for your insight! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Paul…a VERY good summary :partying_face: But then that is how your mind works!! :hugs: Hope you had a good Holiday Season!! :innocent:

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Trump has updated his Vaxx stance, to strongly opposing mandates, not recommending or commenting on its usefulness, and promoting other therapeutics.

For the record, that change belongs on this thread. I’ll quote in full, below, an article that says what happened, and what is apparently going on, in a straight forward and easily read fashion.

From [Why Trump’s Pivot Away From Pushing the Jabs Is a Bigger Deal Than Most Realize]:

=== Begin Quote ===

I generally do not watch Trump rallies. I don’t need to be convinced to vote for him should he decide to run in 2024 and unlike the current occupant of the White House, President Donald Trump can go without taking a break for hours. But I watched his first rally of 2022 in Florence, Arizona, because I wanted to hear one thing.

Or, to be more accurate, I was hoping to NOT hear one thing, and thankfully I didn’t hear it.

After chastising his supporters during the last two rallies for not embracing the vaccines that he made possible through Operation Warp Speed, he conspicuously did not promote them or the booster shots at this rally. Instead, he railed against the vaccine mandates being imposed on healthcare workers, heralded the nutraceuticals he not only promoted as President but that he took himself when he had Covid, and didn’t once tell anyone to get the jabs. He used his time for more productive topics like the economy, the border crisis, and the January 6 witch hunt.

It’s hard to tell what percentage of his supporters have been vaccinated and how many have not, but we can assume that it’s close either way. Even as nearly all of his supporters oppose mandates, there are plenty of his biggest fans, especially the elderly, who have likely been jabbed. It seems certain that he has better data than what is publicly known, which is why he spent a couple of months encouraging people to get jabbed. That play seems to have ended, and that’s a VERY good thing for America. Here’s why…

One of the reasons I grew to support Trump is because I felt he was mostly untouchable by the Deep State and the globalist elite. He had been hit with every possible leak, real or fake, during the 2016 campaign and shortly after he was inaugurated. They hit him with their best shots and he not only survived, but flourished. This, perhaps more than anything else, is why they were so desperate to remove him from office. They couldn’t control him, so they had to eliminate him.

When he started pushing the jabs, I grew very concerned. It made very little sense. There was no benefit to him politically to promote the vaccines for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they’re not working. It’s not a contrast to any of his potential 2024 competitors; if we’re still in the middle of Pandemic Panic Theater in 2024, whoever the Democrats can muster will be a pro-vaxxer. Some may say that he would gain more support from Independents if he pushed the jabs, but being neutral would suit his political needs just fine.

If the vaccines worked, it would be different. If they didn’t have over a million adverse reactions and over 20,000 deaths reported to VAERS, it would be different. But more Americans are starting to realize that the jabs are neither safe nor effective, so putting his name squarely behind them and chastising those who do not get them does not behoove him or his potential future campaign.

Two conspiracy theories instantly popped in my head. The first is that the GOPe had promised him smooth sailing if he helped them get more Americans jabbed. They wouldn’t abide by this promise, of course, since they have their sights set on Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Dan Crenshaw, or Kristi Noem. But they could promise it today with no risk of ever being called out for reneging on a backroom deal.

The second theory is much worse. I thought it was possible the globalist elites behind the World Economic Forum had gotten to him and threatened something in order to get his jab endorsement. Everyone has a pressure point and just because the Democrats couldn’t find it in five years doesn’t mean the better-funded WEF couldn’t find something.

It appears that the third option, which is not really a conspiracy, may have been true all along. He was just given bad data. We saw a glimpse of this when he told Candace Owens that people who get the jabs aren’t getting hospitalized or dying. It struck me as an odd exaggeration. He tends to embellish sometimes, but it was such an outrageously wrong statement that I started becoming hopeful that he’s just being told the wrong things by his own people.

That’s why I watched most of his first rally. I wanted to see if he would change his tone on vaccines, and he did. This tells me the conspiracy theories that crept into my mind were likely wrong and he really was just being lied to by his own people. That’s not a good thing, but it’s far better than being compromised by either the Republican Establishment or the globalists.

I’ll be watching closely at how he reacts when mentions of the jabs come up or if he reverts to pushing them again. In the meantime, I feel better knowing that as of now, he’s still the guy I will support.

=== End Quote ===