Why we are living through the greatest crisis in "Recorded" human history

My present understanding is that we are entering the greatest crisis in recorded human history.

For the few thousand years in the history of which we’re told, promises by the rich and powerful to pay benefits in the future have been the primary “coin of the realm”, offered in exchange for the labor and resources of the ordinary person.

This system has evolved into the debt based monetary systems of the last few centuries. The powerful direct the investments of individuals, corporations and governments by lending money into existence, in exchange for promises to either pay that loan back with interest, or to relinquish the loan’s collateral. Our laws and institutions, within and between nations, are structured to support this system. The political, military, and intelligence agencies of even the most powerful nations serve and enforce this system.

The coming collapse is not just another monetary collapse, such as that of the Reichsmark in the Weimar Republic in 1921-1923, or that of the Zimbabwe dollar in 2007-2008.

For the last 800 years, the “Monetary Capital” of the “Western” world has moved from Venice (not shown on the graphic below, which I found at consensys.net) to New York, with stops along the way in Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, France, and Britain.

Over the last couple of centuries, we have watched the Military-Intelligence-Financial power of the British-Anglo-American Empire destroy or subjugate any people or nation on this planet who endeavored to remain outside of this legal, governance and monetary system, thus completing the task that the other empires above, had advanced in their time.

This subjugation and destruction of humanity now seems posed to obtain its final objective, of supreme control over all of humanity. It is for just that reason that we now enter into the ultimate crisis of that system, for debt-based monetary systems are ultimately parasitic.

Parasites depend on their host remaining alive. If the parasite succeeds in consuming their host, they die with it.

This debt-based monetary parasite is now facing its death.

We might ask whether the host, humanity, will die with it.

The caring, creative, and inspiring capabilities of humans are stunning. I anticipate that we will not only survive, but thrive,


But, but, you might ask:

  • Why are debt-money systems parasitic?

They are so for a simple reason.

Debt locks in our future labor, resources and creativity to the monetarily accountable, legally enforceable, terms of the present.

We become debt slaves of the future. Our creativity and adaptability, our inspiration and caring, are held hostage to legal contracts we made in the past, under threat of enforcement and imprisonment, by the bought and paid for agents of the lenders.

We are now learning that no civilization, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

That is why I say that debt-money systems are parasitic.


There is one “little” problem with the above analysis and forecast.

A change this depth will not go down easily.

It could take decades if all goes relatively “well”.

If …

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Maybe that is why we have a Planet with a 3,600 year orbit…kind of a Reset Button for planet Earth!!! :smile:

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Yes, Foxie. There may well be connections between what regularly happens in our corner of this galaxy, and the major ebb and flow of life and humanity on this planet.